Building Power for Rideshare Drivers.

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We know that we are stronger together than we are alone, and by organizing together, IDG members have won groundbreaking standards across the country including a $27.86/hour minimum wage in New York City. We’ve secured a tipping option for riders and created a platform deactivation appeals process. When rideshare drivers join together, we have proven that we can win the changes we deserve from two of the richest Big Tech corporations in the world.
We are proud to put the lives of our passengers into motion every day. We provide essential services to riders who rely on us – and we deserve dignity at work, better pay, and fair benefits for our labor. The IDG is our vehicle for change.
Rideshare drivers choose to get behind the wheel for lots of reasons. But there’s one belief that we all share: we have the right to good pay and basic protections at work.

Joining together in NJIDG means strength in numbers to win:

  • A true minimum wage which takes wait times into consideration
  • Paid sick leave
  • Health insurance
  • Occupational accident coverage
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Written affirmation of anti-discrimination rights
  • And more!


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By signing this form, I proudly join the New Jersey Independent Drivers Guild. I understand that membership is free, and access to benefits may be subject to eligibility verification and modest fees dependent on the benefits.